Athlete of the Month: Sara Sievert

Sara Sievert - 31 October 2016

Athlete of the Month: Sara Sievert

I started competing in Senior Games in 1999. My first competition was in Kerrville where I shot Free Throws and went on to play 3-on-3 Basketball with the 75+ Texas Challenge. The team went to Nationals in 2001 and won Gold beating New Mexico by 1 point. In the next years, I branched out to Track & Field, Horseshoes, Shuffle Board, and Swimming.

I have won countless medals in all the sports at local, state, and nationals Events. At the present time, I hold the national record for the 90-94 age group in both the 100 meter and 50 meter Backstroke.

On a personal note, I suffered some medical crises a few years ago, and what kept me striving to get well was my desire and commitment to be able to compete and be a part of the Senior Games. We all need to set goals in life and mine has been to do the best I am capable of in this life.

Although I don't train for any of the individual sports, I do go to the gym 5 days a week to keep fit and healthy.

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